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Desktop Switching Power Supply > 48W Series Desktop Switching Adapter/Charge

48W Series Desktop Switching Adapter/Charge

48W Series Desktop Switching Adapter/Charge

Product Characteristics

Power adapter, fixed frequency control circuit, apply to Communicating products, Digital and audio products, Energy-saving and environmentally products, Massage equipments, Fitness equipments, Medical equipments and Household appliances.

Measurement (L*M*H)


Meet all related safety standard. Ultra low no-load/standby power consumption, meet CEC VI green power requirements.


Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage:100-240 VAC (90-264VAC)

Input current:1.5A max

Frequency:50/60Hz (47-63Hz)

Output voltage:4.6-36V

Output current:0.1-5.0A

No-load power consumption:0.3W max

Efficiency:87% min.

Ripples & noises :50-200mV

Line regulation : ± 1%

Load regulation : ± 5%


Output Protection

Short circuit protection

Over voltage protection

Over current protection



Hi-pot test:3750 VAC 60s 5mA max.

Insulation resistance:10 MΩ min.

Leakage current:0.25mA max.

Operating temperature :0-40°C

Storage humidity:5-95%RH

Burn –in test: Rate Load, 40 ± 5°C, 4 hours

EMC standard:EN55022 class B/FCC Part 15 class B